How Apple's WWDC Helps Us Build Dreams and Achieve Them

A while back my wife asked me what my dreams where and I told her I don’t know.  Well, that isn’t true but I have challenges in reconciling dreams that God gives me with what I know as reality.   In Michael Hyatt’s Life Plan e-book, he encourages to see an “Envisioned Future” and analyze the “Current Reality” to determine the necessary commitments to do more than just dream.  He believes it will help achieve!
Sometimes I get stuck in neutral where I have found an end to my dreaming capacity.  I have found that I need more than the average dose of inspiration.  So, I go searching for that inspiration to get me through the rough patch. Many times, it comes in the form of music, movies, prayer, fasting, sleeping.  Every once in a while, I like to find different ways.
Recently, the source of inspiration was watching the WWDC 2014 keynote address via my AppleTV.  WWDC is the abbreviation for the Apple WorldWide Developers Conference that occurs each June.  Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, gave a marketplace update regarding Apple.  That’s great, but the fun begins when his team demonstrates the latest and greatest technologies. This is the place I start dreaming again.
My wife and many of family and closest friends know me as a person who, at times, needs an intervention from his technology.  While some may laugh at my interest in iOS devices or MacBook computers, I see it as a place to have fun with what some might consider monotonous.  I see it as a place where I can dream.
While technology names or programming languages like Swift, SDK, CloudKit, Objective C, Frostbite, and Xcode don’t hold much ground with me, I sure do like the results of these “techno geek” phrases.  These references bring on the best in mobile and desktop technology that revolutionize how I am even writing this blog post.  They fuel my web page, my phone, my conversations with my family and friends and my dream-building.
At the WWDC, there are around 5,000 attendees and most of them are software/hardware developers.  These folks are there seeing what Apple has to “show and tell” and while they are “ooing” and “ahhing”, they are dreaming.  They are leaning in to see what they can do next and how they can do it.  They are hopeful and they are brainstorming all the ways they can get to the developer table to unleash the power of these dreams.  This is the reason why a LifePlan outlines the current reality and envisioned future — the belief that these things will happen.
So, how do I use things like WWDC to drive toward my goals?  It’s not that much different than what I already do, it is simply used as a way to fan the flame of the passion that God has put into me for Stewardship, Productivity, Leadership and Business.  This makes my heart leap to get on to do the things that I believe I have been placed here to do.  Some people love to run, bike or do push-ups for this same result.  No matter what method I choose and use, this helps me encourage my wife by telling her my dreams the next time she asks.
[reminder] What dreams do you have today — right now?  What inspiration will you use to fan the flame of hope? [/reminder] 

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