Journal to Positive Mental Health!

journal to mental health

Have you ever considered writing as being central to your mental health? No, I am not talking about a novel or even a short story here. I want to encourage you to journal to positive mental health!

The act of journaling daily has many positive benefits. The key component here is the act of expressing yourself regularly. God knows we all need to express ourselves! 😎

Just five to ten minutes a day leads to:

  • Positive self-awareness regarding your feelings about the day
  • Better awareness of your motivations
  • A way to process emotions and events ⚙️

In short, just journaling it daily is a kind of therapy that costs nothing more than a few minutes of your time. I am down with saving money! 🐷

Each day of this series, I will have a journal writing prompt. Why?

Because staring at a blank page can be difficult and I want to help you journal to positive mental health!

Check out today’s writing prompt below ⬇️

Your Turn to Write: What was your favorite part of today? Why?

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