How to Jump-Start Your Journal!

how to jump start your journal!

So you are ready to journal, but not sure where to start? To get a great jump-start to your journal, ask yourself the simple question, “What did I do today?” 💡

Think about it…

What if you discovered a book that had in it all your favorite memories of the past, not just the events, but the details you’d long forgotten? Likely you’d be intrigued, and even delighted by what you’d found.

By using your journal as a way to record the events of the day you become a time traveler, connecting your future self with the past.

In short, writing today is an act your future self will thank you for! Oftentimes, reviewing our writing reminds us of how far we’ve come and what blessings we’ve received.

A very personal story

Just the other day, my wife and I were reviewing an old journal entry. We were asking God for a child. Becky and I were having trouble becoming pregnant and we asked our group of friends to pray for us. We also wrote this prayer down in our journals. That was about eight years ago…and now, 2 wonderful children later, we reflect back on what we were experiencing at the time and are thankful! 🙂

We don’t always have major life milestones to write about. So, if you find yourself stuck or your day was too routine, write about whatever event of the day left the strongest impression on you instead.

Check out today’s writing prompt below to jump-start your journal! ⬇️

Your Turn to Write: What conversation today has resonated with you? Who were you talking with at the time?

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