Being Yourself Tip #6: Just Journal It

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Keeping a journal is one of the best ways to figure out “who you are!”

People often find that it is easier to be honest when writing down their thoughts.

A journal will allow you to reflect on who you are, and then you can act accordingly because journaling serves us as a gateway to harvest the most from your mind, emotions, and experiences.

If you would like a creative outlet to dream, set goals, and accomplish them, try journaling!

Journaling helps you read, write, hear, and document ways to be who you are meant to be — yourself!

Personally, journaling has helped me to celebrate 🎉, be thankful, pray 🙏🏼 as well as helping me to process fear, worry, grief, disappointment, and even anger 😡.

Studies have shown that journaling:
  • helps people experience better moods.
  • reduces stress.
  • is an effective tool to fight depression and anxiety when done regularly.
  • keeps people from getting sick as often as they had prior to journaling.
  • gives people help and hope to fight diseases.

Also, since we are all after knowing, living, and loving the purpose for our career and finances, try journaling a little at a time that will eventually build a habit that will serve you for a lifetime!

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