Purposeful Journaling

Purposeful Journaling

Have you ever considered the words in your journal might someday be regarded as important? I call this purposeful journaling!

We find the details of history in the ephemera, the letters, journals, and other scraps of writing left by ordinary people just like you and just like me. Through writings like these, we know how soldiers felt at Valley Forge or what it was really like during the Great Depression.

Now imagine, 400 years from now, that your journal is a record of today

What would it say about living in the 21st century? What within those pages will speak to the ages?

How are today’s times with COVID-19, racial injustice, and the 20 year anniversary of 9/11 affecting your purpose in life (faith, family, career, finances, and more)?

I believe one of our purposes and great opportunities in life is to serve others. Journaling the experiences that you have, and share can add tremendous value to those who read them in the future.

Check out today’s writing prompt below that will help you have a purposeful journaling experience! ⬇️

Your Turn to Write: What happened in the world today that stands out in your mind? What are your feelings about that event?

If you’re not sure about your purpose, check out my video about the topic on my Youtube channel.

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