The Importance of Purpose & Fulfillment for your High School Student! πŸŽ’πŸŽ’

Recently, I shared about the importance of purpose in all of our lives. I believe that we are created with and for a purpose. Our purpose not utilized or under-utilized leaves us, no matter our age, unfulfilled. 

If we were to ask a high schooler, college student, or someone in the marketplace, we would find that people desire to know, live, and love their purpose. 

We all want fulfillment. We all want to have an impact, meaning, belonging, and influence.

Remember Your High School Days?

A lot was going on in life, right? There were many dynamics taking place at one time. It is no different for today’s high schoolers. Sure, culture is different, but the felt needs haven’t changed.

High schoolers navigate multiple challenges. Many times, there are multiple going on at the same time. Kind of like adulting, right? 

These can include physical, mental, financial, relational, spiritual, and, for many, work challenges. 

The Real Question

We know adversity will come. That is not the question.

The real question is how a high schooler will respond to the trials they experience. 

These trials shape them and force a critical question:
“Am I seeking to serve, or am I seeking to be served?” 
Said differently, “Do I want to be known as a giver or a taker?”

I believe their response to this question will better prepare them for their college or career choice.

How? You ask.

The answer demonstrates a high school student’s mindset and philosophy (yours and mine, too!).
It shows if they are “seeking to serve” or “seeking to be served.”

This foundational mindset helps a high schooler to choose their career, which, in turn, helps them select their college.

Seek to Serve 

Have you heard that it is better to give than receive? Think about what that means to you.

I know I am giving when I serve someone without thinking of myself. Easier said than done, right?

The feeling I get from the giving experience is excitement and significance. It encourages me to serve again! 

A Quick Story

Recently, my wife’s mother was in the hospital on the ICU floor. While she was resting, I ventured down to the waiting room. Others were waiting, too. 

As I was working on my computer with my headphones blasting my music, I noticed a woman crying. I simply asked her, “What’s going on for you today?” 

She gave the news about a family member battling an aggressive Stage 4 cancer. He was rushed into emergency surgery. I asked her if she would be open to receiving prayers of comfort. 

At first, it was a little scary for me because I didn’t know how she might react to my desire to serve her with prayer. 

She said, “Yes!” 

And her teenage grandson and another woman who was waiting joined us as well!

After the prayer, she was grateful, and I was blessed to be able to live and love the purpose that I know I am called to — the purpose to serve!

What Does This Have To Do With College and Career Choices?


I believe one measure of life’s success comes from a person knowing, living, and loving the purpose for their career. 

The foundation of that career purpose starts with some choices.

Choosing to serve. Choosing to help. Choosing to add value. Choosing to battle the side of us that seeks self speaking words like “I deserve it.”

There is no doubt that this applies to high schoolers as well.

Once our teenagers seek to serve first, their college and career choices become much more focused and manageable. 

Think of it as starting with the end in mind! 

(Psst…. This also applies to YOU if you are unfulfilled at work!)

Tomorrow, I will have practical steps helping you and your teenager walk out how to apply the Seeking to Serve mindset.

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