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Have you ever been freaked out about your career?

Yeah, me too! Maybe you’re freaking out right now about being unfulfilled at work, underemployed or misemployed, or unemployed altogether.

You’re not alone! Being freaked out at work or about your career is not something new.

Have you hit the ceiling at their current job? Maybe, you can’t earn any more. You don’t feel like you can grow anymore or go anywhere with the company that you once loved (or never really loved)

Do you feel you are stuck, like a piece of gummy worms in your teeth? (I have a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old, so I get it)

You believe or, maybe, you have been told that you’re old, outdated, or your shelf life has expired.

Perhaps you’re worried about not being able to contribute because you’re not old enough or you’re too young in your career field or, you don’t have the “experience.”

CRUSH the limiting beliefs!

You ready? I want you to consider something.

The way to answer all these questions or put all those questions aside is to remember these three little words,


Yep, seek to serve!

If you can seek to serve, no matter if you’re a company employee or you’re looking to get with a new company, you’re a business owner, or you’re a manager, or maybe you’re even the owner, seeking to serve will elevate your career.

It will always benefit you, your organization, and those who are your clients or customers because when you serve, you add value to the lives of people. When we put on a new lens, have a unique perspective, or wear a new attitude hat that promotes serving, then we don’t have to worry about age, career field, experience, salary, and benefits, etc.

When we ask the question, “How can I serve?”, it changes our whole paradigm.

Maybe you are not in the right position to make critical decisions at your job, but all of us are in a place to choose, to influence, to help people. That is powerful! So, consider yourself empowered!

Don’t get down on yourself.

At work, there are distractions, lies, chatter at the water cooler, and confusion that may put you on edge and off of our game.  Remember, you are an influencer. You can and do help people. You are in your current position for a reason, so stop wasting time and start serving!

Don’t get freaked out!

Don’t stress about your career because you don’t have something like the right title, the correct position, make the right amount of money, are too young, or are too old. When you choose to change your perspective and choose giving over getting, not only will you change, but those around you will view you differently.

Try it!  I dare you!

Choose today to begin seeking to serve!

Let’s put this into practice, shall we?

Take out a sheet of paper right now! Grab something that you can write on!

Draw a line down the middle of the paper.

Then on the top left side, write this:  

What do I do best? (Think skills, abilities, passions, experiences, values)

Every one of us could write something down. Some of us can write many things down. Start there. What do I do best? Just write. Just go. You can do it!

On the right-hand side of the same sheet of paper, write this:

Who needs most of what I do best?
(Think customers, clients, current or prospective employers, friends, family members, volunteer organizations, church, etc.)

Seeking to serve will help you fill in the two columns of the paper with ease because you have decided to take your mind off of yourself.

Let’s face it; we all get caught up in ourselves. When we take ourselves out of the mix, it opens up the possibilities, the playbook, the entire game!

The gifts, skills, abilities, dreams, and passions you’ve been given, the things you do best, will make room for you.

The Simple Equation to Change Your Career FAST!

These gifts are not to be wasted. When what you have is placed through a “Seek to Serve” filter, you will be given opportunities that you may not have seen before.

Here’s the equation

(What You Do Best + Who Needs it the Most) X (Seeking to Serve) = A Better Career

What + Who x Serving = A Better Career

It Works No Matter What

No matter if you are a stay at home mom, a college student, a veteran, new to the workforce, seasoned in your career, or retired there are people for you to help, wisdom for you to impart and purpose to be known, lived, and loved.

Let’s Do This!
Seek to serve, seek to serve, seek to serve, and watch your career change FAST!

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