3 Reasons Why I Love Stewardship Ministry

When I was younger, I had no idea what the term “biblical stewardship” meant. Having not grown up in church, I did not consider the Holy Bible, God’s Word, to be of any authority, especially money management. I thought I owned the money and even worse, I thought I was entitled to it simply because I breathed air.

Through many hardships caused by poor choices, I realized that my habits were not helping me. Money itself nor amount of money was the issue. It was how I managed the money.

I started to study the word of God and all it had to say about money management. Not perfect, but progressing. When I finally chose to apply it, my attitude, perspective and life began to change.
This is why I love stewardship ministry. For almost ten years, I had the privilege and responsibility to lead stewardship ministry at Grace Family Church. I have also had the honor to help other churches with their stewardship ministry or help them start one.

But before I was able to do any kind of ministry, I needed to be ministered to. I discovered biblical stewardship to be powerful.

I have seen stewardship defined in different ways, but how I believe it to be:

Biblical stewardship is our management of the time, talent and treasure that God gives us.

Simply stated:
We are not the owner or the provider, God is. We are the steward, or manager, of what He provides us.

Applying biblical stewardship changed my life.

Once foolish with finances. Now wise.
Once addicted to sexual sin. Now living in purity.
Once a taker. Now a giver.
Once in chains of debt. Now free.
Once working for “the man”. Now working for the LORD.
Once lost. Now found.

Here are three reasons why I love stewardship ministry:

1. It is simple

If you are like me, you may have the tendency to take simple life principles and make them more difficult. Biblical stewardship is simple.

As Genesis 1:28 tells us, God made us in His image. He then blessed us and gave us dominion over the land and the creatures (I wish I was around to name some animals). He allowed human beings to manage His created resources. He entrusted us with this responsibility. God gave us stewardship over it.

2. It can be shared

We were made to be creators, dreamers, builders, leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, encouragers and warriors. We are these things because God is these things.

We share biblical stewardship by being the best person we can be. When we live out God’s purpose we are sharing stewardship. Learning and applying God’s word is instrumental in sharing.

No matter if you are reading the Bible for the first time or reading familiar passages, consider reading them through a stewardship lens.

For example,

  • When you read Exodus, ask yourself, “How did Moses steward the leadership opportunity he was given?”
  • In Matthew 21, “What fired up Jesus in the temple that moved Him to turn over tables?”
  • See Acts 16 and ponder, “What prompted Lydia to lead her family to Jesus Christ?”
  • Read Jonah. “Why did Jonah finally minister to the people of Nineveh?”

3. It connects people

Biblical stewardship brings people who are of like minds and like values together in a more profound way. God’s people worship in a much deeper and moving way when they know and live out the principles of biblical stewardship.

Being born into this world, we are all given time, talent and treasure. It is a “top-of-mind” subject that we live out each day. We have a choice to live life in community or isolation.

When you grasp the truth of God, stewardship is a way to

  • provide for your family
  • bless the less fortunate
  • encourage the downtrodden
  • grow your relationships
  • fuel the vision of your organization
  • equip people for the work of the ministry
  • save for a rainy day emergency
  • enjoy the fruits of your labor

I love how SIMPLE stewardship can be SHARED to CONNECT people. I hope that you find the same enjoyment in your stewardship journey.

Here are some life-changing resources to help you grow your personal stewardship and that of others:

Class:  Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University
Book:  Chris Hogan’s Retire Inspired
Book:  God & Money: How We Discovered True Riches at Harvard Business School
Ministry Guide:  Simple Stewardship:  A Quick Guide to Building a Life-Changing Ministry From Scratch

Your Turn

Which of the three reasons for loving stewardship ministry interests or excites you most? Why?

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