The Christmas Cardinal | A Great Way to Remember Loved Ones

The Christmas Cardinal

The Loss of My Father-In-Law

In October 2018, my wife, Becky, lost her Dad from Stage 4 Lung Cancer. 

Jim Dean, Sr., an Army Ranger, served our country in Vietnam where he was wounded multiple times and awarded the Purple Heart.

My father-in-law loved his family and especially his grandchildren. His passing hit my wife very hard. While not only losing her father, she was equally, if not more, upset because of the shortening of time with our 2 and 4-year-old littles. 

Did you lose a loved one this year?

Maybe you lost a family member this year or in recent years. 

My wife found a poem and image online to memorialize her Dad. It inspired her to purchase a cardinal ornament and placed it on our Christmas tree after reading the poem. I call it The Christmas Cardinal.

A great way to remember your loved ones (and help others to do the same)

As a way to remember them each Christmas, consider using The Christmas Cardinal for your Christmas tree or holiday display. We got ours at Target, but I am sure Amazon or local gift shops have them year-round.

In addition to remembering Dad at our home, my thoughtful and creative wife gifted an ornament to her brother and sister also. Consider bringing your friends and family into the celebration of life by giving them a Christmas Cardinal, too.

If you would like to include the poem with the ornament, I created a downloadable PDF. using photography from Cindy Thompson, for you by clicking the button below.

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