The Secret Sauce for Starting a Stewardship Ministry | Part Three

Here is the final part of the 3-part series entitled, “The Secret Sauce to Starting a Stewardship Ministry at your Church”.  This is an exciting write for me because I never dreamed I would be on the path that I am today.  I am thankful God has led to me being a stewardship director at a 7,000 member church.

I have had the privilege of leading the Stewardship Ministry for 7 years at Grace Family Church in Lutz, FL just outside of Tampa. During this time, I have learned that the most important thing to starting and growing a Stewardship ministry is having the Secret Sauce.  Using Financial Peace University, the ministry has been able to graduate almost 2,000 people, pay off over 6MM in debt and save 2MM in emergency funds.  How did we accomplish this?  It’s because we used the Secret Sauce for Starting a Stewardship Ministry, its called VMG.  It’s VISION – MISSION — GOAL.


We will graduate 500 small group members through FPU in the Spring Semester this year.

Goals are a must when working in the stewardship ministry. We are not perfect at it, yet we notice the huge difference made where there is a clear goal to obtain.  For example, in our Spring 2013 FPU semester,  we decided to pursue a goal that I had for years to graduate 500 adults in one semester.  I was skeptical because the most we had graduate FPU in one year was 300. I was challenged by one of my key leaders that we could do it.  So, we pressed in with 21 days of prayer and fasting before the beginning of the semester.  We leveraged the vision and the mission to fan the flame and began to promote registration for the semester.  We tracked the goal and made adjustments with our GFC Communication staff, as needed.  We let church leadership know about the goal and partnered with our lead pastor in the Stewardship sermon series, “Treasure”.

Because our FPU graduation rate is roughly 80% per semester, we knew to graduate 500 we needed 625 adult registrations to have a shot at achieving the goal. We knew how many small groups leaders we needed and we recruited.  We had small groups on campus and in homes throughout the community on various days of the week.  We were fired up!

The team came awfully close to the goal and it was an amazing semester: over 1MM in debt paid off, almost $700,000 saved in emergency funds and 526 credit cards cut-up. We graduated 492 adults, just shy of our goal; however it was a 5% increase in our graduation rate.  Praise God!

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As the Stewardship Director, I am nothing special.  God used me and my financial distress to find a class like FPU in 2007.  From there, I personally applied the principles of God’s word and Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps.  My family’s testimony, the VMG and the amazing volunteer team through the years, we are able to serve our ministry participants well! This ministry journey has surpassed my wildest dreams!

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Luke 18:27 sums it up well, “What is impossible with man is possible with God” (Our theme we led from in the Spring Semester 2009)

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