Want to Grow As a Giver?

While recently meeting with a life coach, I learned that the foundational principle of why we are here on Earth is to be in fellowship with God and with others. We are called to help others in ways we can, as we would hope they would help us. I think everyone knows someone who is constantly serving. Their outpouring causes others to look around and ask, “Where does their energy come from?” They may have the spiritual gift of giving. I am grateful for those people. I recognize this in my sister-in-law, Rita. She blesses her immediate family, her parents, my family, coworkers, soccer teams, and the list goes on. She is equipped with the gift of giving her time, talent, and treasure.

Do you want to be a giver?

When speaking with people, I often hear their heart to give. They may want to start giving, or if already giving, they simply want to give more. Sometimes the problem is they just don’t know how. They are unsure of how to take the first step. In this post, I want to bring some life to that desire so you can give, or give more.
Here are some basic tips to get unstuck with giving.

Know the Why

In Genesis 1:26 NLT, God says, “Let us make human beings in our image, to be like us.” In John 3:16, we learn that God was such an amazing giver, He even gave us His only Son. If we are made by God to be like Him, and He is the ultimate giver and invented giving itself, it stands to reason that deep within us lies that desire to give to others. We are created for community and made to give within that community. That’s why it is on our minds and probably why you’ve continued to read this post.

Retrain the Brain

Romans 12:2 NIV instructs the believer, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” One of the best ways to do that is to debunk the myth that you don’t have enough or you cannot afford to give. At this moment, if you are in that place, pray and ask God to reveal to you opportunities, and remember, it’s not about how much you earn; it’s about what you do with it all. That is the difference maker, and that is how you retrain your brain to get unstuck. Quit the stinking thinking and allow the Holy Spirit to retrain your brain.

Start Today with Any Amount

Whether you have only two nickels to rub together or are sitting on a $100 bill in your pocket, start giving today. Ask God what you should set aside from whatever amount you have today and give a portion of it. You could skip a meal, try a less expensive restaurant or clothing line, forgo the movies this weekend and read a book, sell something that is useless to you but could help someone else, and a whole host of other ideas. Giving is a lot simpler than we often make it. Just take a pause on pleasing yourself and start today by giving something. God will be honored with your progress.

Here are some more advanced tips:

Have a Plan, a Monthly Budget

A budget will help you immensely in your growing as a giver. It allows you to be more intentional and organized with giving. No matter what amount of money you earn, a budget is a God-honoring way to manage the money He provides. In Luke 14:28, we learn that having a budget is like having a blueprint. We wouldn’t allow a builder of our dream home to come in without a blueprint, would we? We need a blueprint (a budget) for clarity of vision and goals on a monthly basis to build a financial foundation that lasts. Avoid trying to do an annual budget at first. Begin with a monthly budget that is less daunting and ultimately more manageable. I have been doing a budget since 2007 and have never missed giving as a result. It works and it reduces stress, trust me.

Bring Your Family into the Journey of Giving

This is where it gets really fun. Depending on the ages in your household, giving as a family may be easier than it seems. You can give your time, talent, or treasure as a family. No matter how you do it, it is a great way to live out Jesus’ teaching in community. Choose a mall, park, local children’s home, or assisted living facility where you can serve others with random acts of kindness. Choose local ministries to partner with, like GFC Soup Kitchen or Second Saturday, or try global missions where you can reach the lost for Christ to the ends of the Earth.
With these tips, you will get unstuck and be able to help others do the same. We are created to give, and it’s exciting when that truth is lived out with purpose. Remember, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Acts 20:35 NIV

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