Want to Help Your Teen With Their College Choice?

Do you have a high schooler at home?

Are they challenged, daunted, or overwhelmed with the task of choosing the right college or university?

Is that even the best next step at all? Dare I say, maybe college isn’t for them.

Choosing the right career can be a monumental task for anyone, but especially difficult, for someone in high school. 

There is so much out there to choose from and a lot of different factors to consider.

I believe, and have personally experienced, that these considerations should begin with the matter of purpose.

Some quick stats to consider …

– A 2009 study involving 237 young people found that only 17 percent of high school freshmen have a sense of purpose, and just 23 percent of seniors do, though more than 40 percent of college students do.

– About 66% of students who complete high school enters college within one year of graduating.

– Between 20-50% of those entering colleges do so with their major undecided or undeclared.

– It is common for students to change their major at least once (50-70%) and a majority (50%+) change their major a total of 2-3 times throughout their college career.

It looks like a search for purpose.

I would not say any of this is wrong or bad. However, I would say there is a better way…

The purpose discovery should begin earlier in high school. I believe it’s vital to help students to begin to KNOW, LIVE and LOVE their purpose as they enter high school, if not before.

Then, continue the foundation of purpose as they progress through high school, then college and into their career.

Over the next few days, I will be sharing some thoughts and ways to help your high schooler (or if you are a high schooler reading this, then you!) to choose the right career before they start reviewing the college lineup!

I welcome your comments or questions…. email them as they could help me communicate to you even more effectively over the next few days! your comments or questions…. post them below as they could help me communicate to you even more effectively over the next few days!

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